Anthony James Chapman 
AJC Training
​Where my fitness journey began,

My fitness journey began in a very peculiar way, I originally started my fitness through improving my sport which at the time was basketball, I started at the age of 12. I wanted nothing more than to be faster and stronger than the other players and just become an overall better player, however even before the training began and even before basketball I originaly started by wanting to sketch the perfect image of the human body and face. this commitment to wanting to sketch these images caused me to refelect on my own image, this meant that I needed to change my body to the perfect image I desired, like a sculptor chipping away at a block of clay to create the perfect Michael Angelo. So after deciding that basketball wasn't enough for me to become better I hit the gym.

Once I started training I was nervous and unsure as to what to do so I started following friends training programmes and bodybuilding routines, eventually I began to see results. However after a while I found that they just didnt seem to be as specific as I wanted them to be which eventually pushed me to understand my body more. Thats when I decided to become a peronal trainer, because I wanted to understand my body i pushed further into my knowledge in the fitness and health environment so that I could  apply what ive learnt. This gave me the understanding that I'm not the only one looking to become a masterpiece of my own body, so I  put that all to practice so that other artists can sculpt their body to their idea of perfection. It doesn't matter where you started your fitness journey, as long as you still have the motivation you desired from the beginning to achieve the resuults you are after.